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New England Clambake

Today, I went to a clambake.It was the absolute best. The food could not have been fresher. The raw oysters and clams were cold plump and fast coming. I don't know how Maria was able to shuck so quickly while smiling and talking to us. There were piles of delicious plump firm shrimp. then on to some creamy clam chowder. When you thought you couldn't eat any more, dinner was served and what a dinner!!! Lobster, potatoes, corn on the cob served on a bed of sweet,sweet steamed mussels and clams-the plate was so heavy I needed two hands to carry it. I forgot to mention a lovely tossed salad with the perfect amount of dressing. Maria and David did a super job. Never went to a better clambake. Actually, the meal was better than any restaurant lobster dinner I've ever had.

Carolyn Price
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