Barbecues To Go

American Barbecue’s To Go !!

Why prepare and cook when Clambake Connection can do it for you. Our amazing barbecue is finger linking good. Planning a meal on the beach with friends and family or just a back yard party?  Spend more time with your guests. What ever the occasion is we can help. Choose from 10 guests or 20 guests. Inquire for larger groups!! Scroll all the way to bottom of page to find pre set menus for Barbecues to go or choose from option trays and platters to customize your own to go menu!!

Chicken breast marinated and grilled  
BBQ chicken Smokey sauce or Sweet  
Sausage, peppers and onions  
Baby back barbecue ribs  
Caribbean jerk wings or BBQ wings  
Ribeye steak 10oz raw and marinated Cook on your grill
Filet mignon 6oz raw and marinated Cook on your grill
Beef tenderloin with baguette, horseradish sauce, platters
Pulled pork (Choice: Plain, BBQ or Jerk spicy

Fish /Seafood/Platters

Delicious Fish marinated and ready to grill!!

Fish marinated raw are on wood skewers easy to put on the grill and turn In minutes you will have fish that tastes like you were in the kitchen working on it all day!! Platters ready to go!!

Assorted fish Kabobs salmon, tuna, sword fish  
Large shrimp kabobs  
Lobster tails 5oz marinated
Pink Florida shrimp cocktail platter, sauce, lemons
Lobster Rolls, split potato bread, lettuce
$240/$430 MKT
Sole stuffed (Inquire choice) butter and garlic wine sauce
Shrimp Scampi
Stuffed shrimp with crab stuffing
Salmon filet

Salads Home made/ Pastas/Platters

Add salads ,pastas and platters to your order, all are fresh and home made in our kitchen!!

Garden salad with croutons and Italian dressing on side
Tomato, capers, onions, olive oil
Macaroni salad
Tricolor pasta salad
Potato salad
Vegetable platter with homemade dip
Assorted cheeses and crackers

Dessert Platters

Assorted fruit platter
Brownie platter
Assorted cookie platter

Barbecue Meals To Go: Option One

Baby back ribs, slow cooked & marinated

Jerk spicy chicken bone in OR Barbecue chicken

Potato salad Homemade

Coleslaw Homemade

Corn bread mini loafs

10 Guests: $210    20 Guests $390   30 Guests   $590

Add any items above!


Barbecue Meals To Go: Option Two

Barbecue chicken bone in marinated

Sweet Sausage, peppers and onions

Pulled pork (Plain, BBQ or Jerk spicy)

Potato salad Homemade

Tricolor pasta salad

Corn bread mini loafs

10 Guests $275   20 Guests $530    30 Guests $790

Add any items above!

Barbecue Meals To Go: Option Three "Appetizers & Meal"

Crudité Vegetables with homemade dip

Assorted cheeses and crackers

Pink Florida Shrimp cocktail, sauce, lemons

Ribeye steak 10oz marinated (Raw)

Chicken kabobs marinated with vegetables (Raw)

Italian meatballs with marinara sauce

Garden salad ,croutons, Italian dressing

Corn bread mini loafs

10 Guests $470  20 Guests $910    30 Guests $1360

30 Guests or more orders will include: Assorted cookies for all OR choose a salad of your choice for all!!

Please allow 3-5 days prior to pick up to place orders!!

Whole roasted pig to go!!

Enjoy our delicious fall off the bone roasted pigs to go. We Roast a pig at our location then you pick up your pig and go to your destination. It is as simple as having a table, cutting board, knife and trays ready. Pigs come cold so you would have to reheat on the grill or in oven.

Whole pig roasted feeds up to 50 guests $895/ Carved in trays ready to heat  $45 extra –  Inquire for larger pig’s

La china box cooker with raw pig 60 pounds /  $795.00 relax hang out and cook your own pig!!

Add Caribbean Jerk sauce/ Smokey Barbecue $15.00 each quart

Please allow a minimum of 14 days prior to event to order a pig. La china boxes inquire for availability.