Create your own

Create your own menu or add items to a menu option !!


Create your own budget and customize your own menu. If you have a menu option chosen add any items to your menu. Prices based on 50 adults or more, $24.95 per person minimum. Inquire pricing and availability for smaller groups. All item’s are priced per person.  ” You provide the guests and we will provide the rest “

Cocktail Hour/Appetizer’s

Vegetables with homemade dip
Assorted cheeses and crackers
Mozzarella with roasted peppers & basil
Bread bowl with homemade spinach dip
Tortillas with salsa dip
Add Guacamole
Pink Florida shrimp, cocktail, sauce, lemon
Beef tenderloin on a baguette bread with horseradish sauce
Artichoke spread dip on a baguette bread
Sushi and Sashimi , soy sauce, wasabi
Potato Chips & Pretzels
A 6 Foot spread: Pineapples with grapes hanging,cut and whole fruit, assorted vegetables with variety of home made dips assorted cheeses and crackers brie wheel with smoked salmon & fresh dill .. Garnished to perfection
Add any meat or seafood kabobs
Inquire about Hot Horsdorves
Grilled meat option
Add a cocktail hour / $7 minimum

Salads/Pastas/ Vegetables

All salads are made fresh in our kitchen

Garden salad, croutons, Italian dressing
Tricolor pasta primavera
Tomato with fresh mozzarella, olive oil, onions, capers,
Potato salad
Macaroni salad
Vegetable burgers with cheese
Corn on the cob
New Potatoes
Grilled assorted vegetables
Baked Ziti baked homemade
$6 with meat 6.50
Pork and beans
Fresh Pineapple grilled
Lettuce, tomato, onion
Macaroni and cheese baked homemade
Bakery fresh dinner rolls
Wedge rolls split
Mimi corn bread loafs
Arthur Avenue bread

Seafood: Our savory seafood is always fresh and cooked to perfection

Fish Kabobs, salmon, tuna, sword marinated ,grilled
Shrimp kabobs marinated, grilled
Salmon filet, marinated
Clams and mussels seasoned and steamed
Maine mussels seasoned and steamed
New England clam chowder homemade
Sushi and sashimi, soy sauce, wasabi
Sole stuffed with your choice: spinach with cheddar
asparagus with swiss, crab stuffing, butter garlic wine sauce
Shrimp scampi, butter garlic wine sauce
Stuffed shrimp with crab meat stuffing
Lobster rolls with split potato bread and a bed of romaine lettuce

SEAFOOD RAW BARS : Our Raw bars are set up on a bed of ice decorated with cocktail sauce, horseradish and lemons. 


Clams and Oysters on the half shell
Oysters on the half shell
Clams on the half shell
Pink Florida shrimp cocktail
Clams, Oysters and Shrimp cocktail
New England clam chowder homemade, oyster crackers


Why do anything? Relax while we bring and set up everything you need to hydrate your guests, table, ice, cups, self serve for up to 4 hours

Assorted soda name brand and bottled water
Assorted soda, bottled water, Domestic beer on tap ( your choice )
Lemonade with fresh mint
Champagne for toast , disposable flutes
Add red and white wine
Add a Bartender to serve your guests or Wait staff
5 hour minimum $48 per hour , add additional hours per bartender prior to party/event $48 hour per staff
Open Bar Premium liquor: 4 hours of service, 4- Assorted liquor’s, Domestic beer on tap (Your choice), red and white wine, Signature drink ” Mojitos  ” , assorted soda, bottled water, lemons, limes, all juices, sparkling waters, disposable cups, ice.   $20.00 per person  One bartender is included for 5 hours total, for up to 65 guests.     Additional Bartenders for over 65 guests are available for a extra charge. May add additional hours of open bar. Each additional hour Open bar $4.00 per person  / Each additional hour per bartender $48.

Grilled Meats

Our mouth watering meats are marinated and grilled over a hot charcoal grill, cooked fresh on site

Hamburgers with cheese (All beef)
Hotdogs (All beef)
$5.00 Add $1 for Kosher
Hamburgers and Hotdogs (All beef)
$9.00 Add to a Clambake
Barbecue Chicken, melt in your mouth
Grilled chicken breast
Chicken, vegetable kabobs marinated, grilled
Barbecue pulled pork, tender
BBQ wings or Caribbean spicy jerk chicken
Barbecue baby back ribs, melt in your mouth 8oz
Beef ,vegetables kabobs marinated,grilled
Rib eye steak marinated, 12oz
$15.00 Add to a Clambake $9.95
Filet mignon marinated, 5oz cooked pink in center
$17.00 Add to a Clambake $14.95
Grilled Italian sausage Sweet or Hot
Italian sausage, peppers and onions
Lobster tail marinated 5oz
Surf and Turf: Rib eye steak and Lobster tail marinated
Mini Italian meatballs in homemade marinara sauce
Kids Menu- Hamburgers with cheese, hotdogs, share from adult menu, no entrees
$14.95 per child


Sweets for the sweet!! Indulge in our delicious desserts after a wonderful meal

Assorted cookies
Brownies ( No Nuts )
Fresh fruit salad
Add fruit salad in a carved watermelon
Homemade pies choices: Blueberry, Apple, Peach, Cherry, Mixed fruit, Strawberry rhubard
Moist Cakes choices: Double chocolate, Red velvet, Italian rainbow, Tres leche, Chocolate mousse, Carrot
Assorted muffins
Watermelon sliced
Chocolate Fountain Flowing for up to 1-1/2 hours Includes: Strawberry's, Marshmallows
Pretzel sticks ,Oreo cookies, Banana chunks / $450 for up to 100 guests/ $75 per additional 20 guests
Coffee station set up can be added to a dessert selection Includes
$3.00 / 50 adults or more
coffee, milk, creams, sugars, paper cups
Add Desserts / $6.00 minimum

Kids menu: Hamburgers with cheese and hot dogs, share from adult menu , no entrees $14.95 per child

Authentic Taco Station or Cold Cut Trio Station

Your choice each station for 1-1/2 hour serving


Taco Station: Served hot seasoned ground beef and chicken,
hard tacos, soft tacos, cheese, sour cream, cilantro, lime slices, salsa, lettuce, tomatoes, taco sauce, guacamole
$15.00 Add Fish or steak / $4.00 per person Add 2 meats $7.00 per person
Cold Cut Trio Station: Deli meats, turkey, salami, ham, roast beef, bologna
Provolone, American, Monster cheese, pickle sliced, LTO, mayonnaise, mustard
White ,rye, whole wheat sliced bread, rolls
$15.00 Add Antipasto $4.00 per person
Two Stations set ups
$27.00 per person

Menus are based on 50 guests or more. Inquire for smaller groups. No party is to big or to small. All create your own menus include staff to cook and serve guests. A party or event typically lasts 2-4 hours depending on the menu. We arrive prior to set up. Menu options include food table set ups, condiments, disposable utensils, plates, all paper goods, garbage pails with liners, garbage removal upon departure, everything we need to serve you and your guests a buffet style party or event. Head counts are given 5 days prior and can add on up until the day before the event/party. Please add 18% service fee to cover our staff and sales tax 7.35% . Gratuity for staff are greatly appreciated.