Clambakes To Go

Clambake’s To Go !!


Clambake Connection’s Clambakes to go are made easy to cook where ever your destination is.

New England Clambakes to go! Why prepare to cook? We will have it all prepared and ready to go. Impress your guests with a feast and you are the chef!!

Easy to cook, simple instructions. Each meal will come in a clambake mesh bag, seasoned with garlic & parsley, all you have to do is add water or wine to your pot. Water needed no problem we can fill your pot before you go.



Clambakes to go includes:
Fresh Maine lobster 1 ¼ pound
$35.99 per meal
Little neck clams and Maine mussels, seasoned
Corn on the cob with New potatoes
Want a larger lobster we can get you any size you like!!
Clams on the half shell platter, sauce , lemons
10 Guests $75.00 / 20 Guests $135.00
Oysters on the half shell platter, sauce , lemons
10 Guests $95.00 / 20 guests $175.00
Pink Florida shrimp cocktail platter, sauce, lemons
10 Guests $75.00 / 20 Guests $135.00
Add from our Barbecues to go, salads, platters, pastas, meats, extra seafood!!


For larger groups: Cooking equipment rental for outside cooking  one $35.00 / Two rentals $65  Pot, stand, burner and tank for easy set up

We make it simple with a large lobster pot for cooking. Includes pot filled with meals, seasoned and water. Each pot fits 20 meals

Paper goods & silverware disposable includes: Lobster tray, dinner napkins, wet naps, forks, knives, butter cups, wooden forks, lobster bibs, salt and pepper     $1.75 per person

Add butter pot filled with butter includes ladle     $1.50  per person makes it easy to have and to pour butter. Ice bags are available in needed to keep cold for hours!

Please allow 2-3 days for orders! Orders of 40 meals or more ** Free choice of salad: Coleslaw or Macaroni salad /Add on from Barbecues or pig roast to go.

Address and Maps

  • 203-967-3991 Phone
  • 203-536-8831 Mobile text for head count and add on updates
  • Maria Balestriere/ Party coordinator