Pig Roasts To Go

Pig’s roasted to go or Do it yourself

Our pigs are slow roasted over a charcoal rotisserie grill for up to 8 hours at our location. We do all the work and all you have to do is pick up your pig that is wrapped and ready to go. Delicious flavors and fall off the bone meat will have your guests coming back for more.

Let's Pig Out!!
Pig Roasted cooked to go includes 60 pound pig that feeds up to 50 people/Inquire for larger pig's.
Each pig $650.00 /Carved $695.00
Do it yourself, you are the chef!! Raw pig to go
Includes: La caja china cooker, 60 pound pig butterflied and seasoned. Charcoal available for purchase 2 Bags needed $35.00  
Add fresh grilled pineapple skewers $2.00 per person
Add items from Barbecue to go or Clambake to go
Add Caribbean jerk sauce, Smokey BBQ sauce, Sweet BBQ sauce, Chipotle sauce $15.00 each quart