Pig Roasts To Go

Whole pig's to go "Your the chef"

¬†Delicious flavors and fall off the bone meat will have your guests coming back for more. You are the “Chef” cook your own Pig in your back yard. We offer La china box with a whole raw pig butterflied and seasoned. See below!!

All pigs are picked up at our location the day of your event. For prior pick up inquire when booking.
When renting our La caja china cooker that comes with a pig please return box to us 1-2 days after
party/event.  We offer 2 boxes per weekend so reserve your box and pig today!!

Any additional questions give us a call in the office we will be happy to help you.

Do it yourself, you are the chef!! Raw pig to go ( $875.00 )
Includes: La caja china cooker, 65 pound pig butterflied and seasoned. Fall off the bone when cooked. Charcoal available for purchase 3 Bags needed $45.00
Why do any preparation let us do it all.
Add other Meat trays, cooked or raw, marinated and ready to grill or warm up onsite, Salads, Vegetables and Dessert platters
Go to our Barbecue To Go section..
Add Caribbean jerk sauce, Smokey BBQ sauce, Sweet BBQ sauce $15.00 per quart